Best Trenbolone Dosage – From Beginner to Advanced

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Trenbolone has five times more anabolic and androgenic strength testosterone, which is one of the key factors when determining the right dose amount for Trenbolone. Its strength needs to be respected and based on each individual person.

What is the recommended Trenbolone dosage for men to use when they are new to taking steroids? And what dosages are suggested for more experienced bodybuilders to take in a cycle?

Trenbolone Dosage Guide

In order to attain the 500mg strength of Tren, you would need to take 2,500mg of testosterone. If you want to get 100mg of Tren in testosterone format, you need to take 500mg of testosterone. Remember, trenbolone is five times testosterone’s strength is can be shown down below:

  • 500mg Testosterone = 100mg Trenbolone
  • 1,000mg Testosterone = 200mg Trenbolone
  • 1,500mg Testosterone = 300mg Trenbolone
  • 2,000mg Testosterone = 400mg Trenbolone
  • 2,500mg Testosterone = 500mg Trenbolone

Do Not Overdose on Tren

Readers need to understand that Trenbolone isn’t a compound that you should take lightly, especially when it comes to its strength. Many Trenblone users are taking the drug at too high of a dose when the compound’s anabolic strength is taken into consideration.

Thus, a compound that produces such a powerful anabolic effect should be avoided in high doses. The lower the dose of Trenbolone, the more pleasing the effect is going to be and less side effects people will experience.

For too long, people have used strange dosage amounts with Trenbolone – no reason for such things other than they just felt like it. However, just doing it for the sake of doing it could be extremely dangerous. The problem is that no one has ever questioned the dosage choices.

But, Trenbolone profiles are finally making headway into changing this practice. There is finally some logic laid out on the dosage for anabolic steroids like Trenbolone, based upon three things:

  • Strength ratings
  • Characteristics
  • Properties

A closer look and an examination of all anabolic steroids gives people a better understanding for the development of the best dosing protocols. Dosing protocols will be created in a way that is more efficient and logical without causing undue harm from the use of anabolic steroids and lessen the degree or emergence of side effects.

For instance, novice Trenbolone users should never take a dose of 500mg in a week, which is often recommended in the anabolic steroid community). Trenbolone has an anabolic rating of 500, meaning no one, especially the beginners, needs to take in more than 500mg a week. Trenbolone’s dosage threshold is extremely low so very little can go a long way.

Trenbolone Beginner Dosage

There are no current prescription rules for Trenbolone use because the FDA has not approved it for human consumption. In fact, it has not been approved for any kind of treatment.

It’s important that beginner Trenbolone users never be a first time anabolic steroid user – clarification between these two things should be noted. First-time users need to be experienced before they start using this anabolic steroid.

Any person who wants to use Trenbolone needs to understand their body and how it will react to novice and intermediate anabolic steroid levels like Winstrol, Dianabol and Testosterone. They should also know the general mechanisms and dynamics that are involved with anabolic steroid cycles.

The best dosage for beginners of Trenbolone is 300mg a week, which is 1,500mg of Testosterone. Some beginner Trenbolone users have noted worthwhile physical changes taking just 200mg a week of the drug where doses of this range are suited more for fat loss and maintenance of lean muscle mass.

Anything more than 300mg a week of Trenbolone is not necessary with first-time users staying at this range until they are used to its effects.

Dosages for Bodybuilders and Athletes

Intermediate users of Trenbolone could stay in the 400 to 500mg a week range, with the recommendation to stay around 400mg. More often than not, intermediate Trenbolone users don’t need anything more than 500mg a week.

Keep in mind that the difference between a novice, interemediate and advanced user isn’t increasing the dose after every single. High anabolic steroid doses doesn’t mean a person is an advanced user.

People who have used this steroid for quite some time, have a complete understanding of it and how it works on their body should be considered advanced users. Advanced Trenbolone users may take up to 1,000mg of the drug each week.

However, it’s important to remember that such large doses each week can be dangerous and harmful to your health. It doesn’t matter how advanced you are with anabolic steroids, you should never take that much Trenbolone in a single dose per day.

If someone wants to take that much of the drug, it should be done with the upmost caution… and never by beginners or even intermediate users.

The Right Way to Take Tren

There are three kinds of Trenbolone that come with their own set of rules regarding times and usage. Therefore, you should know what type of Trenbolone you are using and what the half-life is for them.

  • Trenbolone Acetate – This is the more common type of the drug with a half-life of three days.
  • Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate – This drug type has a half-life of two weeks (14 days)
  • Trenbolone Enanthate – This drug type has a half-life of 10 days.

All users of Trenbolone need to make injections on a regular basis to ensure stability for peak blood plasma levels.

  • Trenbolone Acetate – This means an injection of every other day
  • Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate and Trenbolone Enanthate – This means two times a week injections that are evenly spread apart.

It’s important to remember that weight water is not expected with the use of Trenbolone because it doesn’t change into estrogen. You should never have a soft, bloated look when you use the drug, especially if you use stacked compounds to help keep this under control.

Trenbolone’s anabolic strength ensures the users gets what they want so long as they train and eat properly too. Trenbolone doses are regarded as a versatile anabolic steroid and is ideal for any reason like: Bulking, Cutting, Pure strength gaining and Additional lean muscle mass.