Can Trenbolone Be Taken Orally?

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Among anabolic steroids oral Trenbolone is perhaps the most powerful anabolic steroid and stands next to testosterone in terms of demand. Oral Trenbolone is a controlled substance in the United States and is officially approved for veterinary use.

However, this potent anabolic steroid have become more popular among body builders because of its benefits in preserving lean mass and elimination of fat. This compound have been abused by many athletes, body builders and others. This have given rise to the restriction placed on the use of this steroid.

Using Trenbolone Orally

This powerful anabolic steroid was never designed for the oral route of administration. The liver readily destroys natural steroids except the steroid is modified to pass through the liver without destruction. Unfortunately, Trenbolone isn’t designed to pass through the liver.

However, taking this steroid in large quantity raises the level steroid in the system since a little fraction of the compound escapes destruction and are absorbed into circulation. The administration of Trenbolone orally implies taking several pellets of Trenbolone acetate each day. Users take as much as 12 pellet each day to achieve the level of concentration of Trenbolone acetate in the blood that will elicit the desired result.

This mode of administration is crude and not recommended as it causes undue stress and toxicity to the liver. In addition, the administration of Trenbolone orally is not advisable because it is wasteful and costs more. However, a fraction of users’ of Trenbolone acetate still prefer this form of administration because of its ease of administration.

Trenbolone Injections

As users of oral Trenbolone continue to devise means of making this powerful anabolic steroid available, the use of raw injection have become an important means of administration of the widely available cattle implant pellet.

Raw injectable are produced locally by grinding up the pellets and mixing them with a vitamin compound or an injectable oil based steroid. The Trenbolone acetate pellets are grinded and loaded into a syringe and mixed with vitamin compound or with an oil based steroid such as 50mg Deca Durabolin or equipoise.

The solution is mixed thoroughly at least to attain some degree of homogeneity before it is injected. The grinded pellets are often seen separated as the loaded syringe is left unshaken for some time.

Therefore, it is important that the solution is shaken thoroughly before administration. This solution is administered using a 21-gauge syringe.

This method of administration is very effective as it delivers good concentration of Trenbolone into the circulation. However, the problems associated with this technique is the lack of sterility of this solution injected into the body.

The injection contains the steroid, pellet binders and glue. This concern have been greatly reduced with the availability of injection kits. Today kits are available to help users to produces more sterile injectable from the cattle implant pellets.

Fina injection kits is one of the injection kits that is commonly available today. It produces better and more sterile solution.

Using the injection kit produces injections that is free from binders and contaminants and produces 75mg/ml of Trenbolone acetate. However, the production of the injection entails a much more detailed approach.

One of the concerns often raised by the users of the raw injection technique is the inability of the pellet to completely dissolve in the injection solution. Fina injection kits produces a cleaner product.

Transdermal Trenbolone

Dimethly Sulphoxide (DMSO) is a natural solvent that is a derivative from wood pulp. The use of Dimethly Sulphoxide in the administration of Trenbolone is based on its unique ability to act as a powerful transdermal carrier. DMSO has the capacity to transport small molecule through the skin.

This technique of administering oral Trenbolone appears to be the oldest and is still being used by many despite that it comes with some challenges.

Nevertheless, this technique is very effective as considerable amount of the anabolic steroid finds its way into the general body circulation.

The solution is prepared by grinding the pellets and adding to a solution of DMSO. The solution of DMSO is prepared by the addition of DMSO to equal volume of water.

Increasing the proportion of Dimethly Sulphoxide in the solution will naturally increase the effectiveness of the absorption but will not be practicable as it will amount to severe skin irritation and damage.

Because of the ability of DMSO to carry molecule into circulation from the skin, it is advisable that only pharmaceutical (Pure) grade of Dimethly Sulphoxide is used for this purpose.

This is to prevent the movement of impurities and unwanted substances across the skin. This is the reason why industrial grade Dimethly Sulphoxide is not recommended for this purpose.

Users always ensures that the skin is thoroughly clean before application and also that the skin is not exposed to harmful substance that can be transported in the circulation after the application of this solution.

Some users take extra precaution by covering the site of application with plastic bag to prevent adsorption of unwanted substances.

However, many people do not consider the use of DMSO an option because of the extreme pungent smell that is associated with it. Individuals who employ this technique are easily identified based on the pungent odor of DMSO.

In following this transdermal technique, about 4 pellet is used daily. The dose is divided into two application because of the speed of absorption into the system.

One challenge that accompanies the use of this technique is the discomfort that comes with this method. Dimethly Sulphoxide causes irritation to the skin and many users are made uncomfortable due to the itching and rashes at the site of application.

The degree of irritation increases as the concentration of DMSO is increased. Individuals who have very sensitive skin may experience greater discomfort. However, individual who are very sensitive to Dimethly Sulphoxide may adopt Patt Arnold suggestion of diluting DMSO to about 5-10% of alcohol.

Alcohol also acts as a carrier and reduces irritation as alcohol evaporates shortly after application. Some people prefer this technique to the pain and abscess associated Trenbolone injections or the low effectiveness of oral Tren.

Oral Trenbolone Cycles

Testosterone is regarded as naturally produced hormone in males, which is why it should be included in all oral Trenbolone cycles. There are many users of the Trenbolone and Testosterone cycle, perhaps because it’s a powerful steroid that can be bought.

When it comes to mixing Testosterone and Trenbolone, it only makes sense to combine them in a cycle. After all, they are two very potent steroids that course thorough the veins.

Testosterone is known for its muscle-increasing properties and is used as a base for the majority of cycles. It’s also considered the benchmark for other steroids to be compared against.

Trenbolone is a veterinary steroid and was never designed to be used by humans. Trenbolone has a 500/500 anabolic/androgenic ratio compared to Testosterone’s 100/100 ratio. Trenbolone, for that reason alone, is outstanding. It’s the one oral steroid that can burn fat.

People often think it’s steroids that give them their ripped look when, in actuality, it’s their diet that helps them to lose fat. Anavar and Trenbolone pills are not an exception to this rule.

A cycle of Testerone and Trenbolone can give you 30 pounds of solid muscle mass but you need to watch your diet to ensure you physically and noticeably benefit from the steroid. Important Note: Trenbolone is a very potent steroid. Beginners in steroid use should not use it.

Is Oral Trenbolone Right for You?

Trenbolone Acetate (also known as Parabolan) is one of several steroids that have garnered the attention on many people – gym instructors, bodybuilders, athletes, etc. It’s not just due to the fact that it’s an effective medication but because it’s got the benefits that these people are seeking.

The recommended Oral Trenbolone pill dose is 300 to 500mg a week for men and is not recommended for use by women unless a doctor certifies it.